Member of the Jury

Spomenka Saraga was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She started to work at JADRAN FILM, holding different posts there for 30 years, first as a business secretary; finally working as Head of the Distribution Department. All this time, Spomenka was also involved as a producer in making documentary and tourism films, the format she actually likes best.

Spomenka founded her own company, BALDUČI FILM, making successful documentaries and being awarded a number of prizes in Croatian and International Film Festivals. Besides producing, she is also lately involved in directing, mostly tourism promotional films.

Spomenka has also produced a number of documentary and feature films.

Director of ZAGREB TOURFILM FESTIVAL, member of the Jury at the Deauville Green Awards held in Deauville, France; FilmAT – Film, Art & Tourism Festival in Poland; MEFEST and  SILAFEST in Serbia.

Spomenka is a Member of the Croatian Association of Film Workers and the Croatian Producers Association.