Member of the Jury

Grigoris Koulbanis was born in Geneva in 1961. He followed the Commercial High School of Geneva, and graduated from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Geneva. He obtained his diploma in Human Geography. He finished his Academic studies by an European Master degree in Environmental Sciences & Management (M.Sc.). Since 1999, he works with the Division of Ecological Sciences of UNESCO. In the Education field, he was in charge of the Cousteau Chair (UNITWIN Networks), and he was also elected member of the University Committee for the “Regional Post-graduate Training School on Integrated Management of Tropical Forests and Lands” (ERAIFT), leading by UNESCO at the University of Kinshasa. In the Environmental & Communication fields, he wrote reports on the Yellow River and the Yancheng (MAB) reserve; on the Danube river (BERD) and on the Caspian Sea. The last report was on the International Year of Forest. He wrote also the content of the ERAIFT website ( Specialist for the Caspian Sea, he was the French representative in 2000, at the NATO seminar, on the socio-economic and ecological stakes of this area. He also collaborates with the UNICEF for a project of Drinking water supply in Madagascar (Tulear area). In twenty years of professional activities, he worked on the five continents and in more than fifty countries. He directed many environmental and cinematographic projects. He is also a film director and a consultant specialized in communication strategy in environment. It was named citizen of honor of the town of Rosario (Argentina), for his expertise on the management of the Parana river.