Member of the Jury

Endre Florian was born in 1947 in Budapest, Hungary. He is the producer and owner of Spinoza Bt. Company. He co-produced major international series about the lives of Franz Liszt, Berlioz, Mozart, Wagner and Bach for the MTV Hungary Television. He held leading positions of MTV and different commercial TV channels for many years, and was the commercial director of “Mafilm” Hungarian Film Studio. Jury member of different International Film and TV Festivals in Plovdiv, Albena, Lipeck, Varna, Saratov, Pazardjhik and Orenburg. For his work in the Jury of “Chekhov Film Festival” (Moscow, 2011), he was awarded with the memorial medal of “150th Anniversary of Anton Chekhov” by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Member of IATR International Academy of Television and Radio. Associate producer of the last film of world famous Hungarian director Miklos Jancso “So much for Justice”.